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Kelsey is the sweetest and most patient therapist I have ever had for my children. My oldest has a disability where he has trouble doing certain physical activities. We originally went to Rady's where they rejected him saying he was "good enough" without fully evaluating him.


We went to get a second opinion and met Kelsey. Kelsey took the time to really study my son's body movements and do certain stretches. We went from getting no PT through Rady's to now having to go to PT twice a week all because Kelsey took the time to listen to my concerns and observe my son for herself.


My son has a lot of meltdowns and Kelsey always took the time to help my son and calm him down.

She also was able to let me know about my son having an ankle problem and was able to get him an ankle brace.


When my second child was born I would tell her my concerns about him and she told me to refer him to her. Since Kelsey had me put him through her early, she was then able to help both him and I learn different stretches and techniques to get him on track. We only had to do PT for him for about 6 months!


Kelsey also took the time to have compassion for me and my needs as a parent. A lot of times I would just vent to her about my struggles and she was right there helping me through it.


Kelsey is by far the best Physical Therapist out there!


- Lisa D


Kelsey was so engaging during the evaluation and over Zoom no less! She was turning everything into a game, which was so fun for him and her assessment and plan was clear and concise. Her recommendations moving forward were simple, yet effective, and were easily able to be added into our normal day. I am excited to see the progress! If you need a pediatric PT, Kelsey is AMAZING! You will not be disappointed!


-Heidi C


We first started to see Ms. Kelsey when Mia was around ten months. Back then, our baby was behind with her milestones. She could not roll from back to front or front to back. She was unable to hold her head up for very long. As a parent, it was heartbreaking and concerning. We tried going online to find exercises to do with her, but she wasn't progressing as fast as we wanted her to. In our first session with Ms. Kelsey, she gave us activities we had not considered and insight into what was physically limiting our baby. After practicing these exercises daily, Mia gradually improved over the first couple of weeks. With continuous therapy sessions from Ms. Kelsey, Mia could roll over, sit up, and then crawl on her own. After a few months of therapy, Mia finally started to stand with support at 15 months. Ms. Kelsey always tries to bring new toys to motivate her for the activities, and she loves them. We are very thankful to have Ms. Kelsey as a physical therapist for our baby!

- Jaime & Duyen R

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